Analytics Premium

Gain Advanced Insights by Customizing ServiceChannel’s Standard Analytics

How Our Analytics Premium Software Works

ServiceChannel Analytics Premium lets you modify our pre-built reports and dashboards, as well as create new ones.

How It Helps

Create custom visualizations and dashboards specific to your business


Identify potential problems and receive alerts when metrics cross specified thresholds

Get more up-to-date data


The ServiceChannel Service Automation platform includes ServiceChannel Analytics Standard, a powerful reporting tool including:

Impactful Visualizations

Easy User Interface

Fast, Scalable and Seamless User Experience

Building on this core reporting tool, ServiceChannel Analytics Premium adds to this integrated approach with:



Easily create metrics, reports and dashboards to monitor and analyze the data you need and in line with your organization and business requirements, for example:

Create your own budget reports
Create dashboard showing your 5 most expensive locations by trade

Key Performance Metrics

Create single number metrics and get email-based alerts when those metrics get too high or too low

Proprietary Data

Populate FM and non-FM data sets yourself for deeper, contextual insights

Data Updating

Refresh analytics data up to every 2 hours for faster actionable insights