Get Connected, Get Inspired: Beyond the Keynotes at ServiceX 2019

ServiceX 2019 is just around the corner. We’re gearing up to welcome over 300 industry leaders, executives, and facilities professionals to the Omni Scottsdale Resort & Spa on September 22, 2019. Our action-packed, three-day event features keynotes from Union Square Hospitality Group CEO and Shake Shack Founder Danny Meyer, Award-Winning Chef and TV Personality Jeff Henderson, and Read More

11 Ways Facilities Departments Manage Spend Better with ServiceChannel

Saving money is often a primary motivator for facilities departments to implement an FM system. However, not every system has the comprehensive functionality to drive cost savings across all aspects of a facilities operation. ServiceChannel’s Service Automation platform has worked with over 200 leading multi-site brands, uncovering savings in all parts of their businesses. Here are 11 specific Read More

Best Practices for Improving FM Service Provider Relationships

The relationship between facilities management teams and providers is certainly unique and, at times, can be difficult to navigate. The best relationships between FMs and providers require that both parties are unified around a common mission or goal – however, achieving this goal may be easier said than done. This is why communication, honesty, and clarity are critical to FMs and providers’ Read More

Is FM Software Worth the Cost? Learn How to Calculate ROI

If you’re still running your facilities management program on a spreadsheet – or, worse, a growing pile of paper invoices – you already know that it’s time for an upgrade. From scheduling repairs and preventive maintenance to addressing emergency breakdowns and making sure invoices are paid on time, day-to-day FM responsibilities are time-consuming: When all this is carried out manually, it’s Read More

How the ‘Retail Renaissance’ is Redefining the In-Store Experience

Steve Jobs, the guy who told us to think different, said this about the importance of customer experience: "You've got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology - not the other way around." Walk into any of the Apple stores around the world and you’ll see this philosophy come to life in every facet of the in-store experience. This is why the successful Read More

Streamlining Store Operations with a Data-Driven Approach

Considering brick-and-mortar retail industry’s current, tumultuous state in the midst of digital transformation, retailers big and small are scrambling to reprioritize the importance of their facilities data. Retailers that want to stand out amongst stiff competition need to understand that sourcing, compiling, analyzing, and creating actionable insights around their stores is central to improving Read More

Are Your Facilities Prepared for Extreme Summer Weather?

While most would consider winter weather to pose the greatest challenge to facilities managers, the hot summer months can bring their own set of difficulties. Thunderstorms, heavy rains, wildfires, tornadoes, extreme heat, and even hurricanes can put businesses at risk for serious damage – and, if not caught early, this can lead to significant operational downtime. In fact, more than 40% of Read More

Transform Your Facilities Department into a Profit Center

Companies have been considering the repair and maintenance of buildings and equipment as just the “cost of doing business” for far too long. The reality, of course, is that for many companies, facilities and facilities management are essential to the core mission of the business. This goes without saying for retail and restaurants, but it’s just as true for banking, healthcare, Read More

ServiceX: Everything You Need to Know about This Year’s Agenda

ServiceX, our exclusive 3-day conference, is back for another year. We can’t wait for you to join us on September 22nd-24th in Scottsdale, AZ for what is set to be our best learning event yet.  This year’s show has an amazing lineup of sessions designed with a deep understanding of the high-pressure environment and complexities of managing facilities, a profession in the throes of digital Read More

5 Biggest Risk Management Issues For Facility Managers

Risk management is not just for risk managers anymore. For multi-site retail, restaurant and convenience store brands, facility management impacts all facets of an organization. With hundreds of locations, thousands of commercial contractors, and millions of customers, there are all kinds of formal and informal touchpoints outsiders have with a company. And there is potential risk inherent Read More

Danny Meyer and Chef Jeff Henderson to Speak at ServiceX 2019

While the Facilities Management industry has long been concerned with efficiency and cutting costs, a recent shift in ideologies has brought another concept to the forefront: customer experience. We are excited to announce that this year’s ServiceX conference will feature industry-leading innovators Danny Meyer, CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group and founder of Shake Shack, and Chef Jeff Read More

What is TCO in Facilities Management & How Can You Minimize It?

As anyone who has purchased a car knows, the upfront cost is one price; the cost of maintaining that vehicle is entirely another. This concept is a simple example of “total cost of ownership” or the total direct and indirect cost of purchasing and maintaining a system over its useful lifetime.  TCO is a well-understood concept in facilities management, especially when it comes to the Read More

How Suppliers & Contractors Can Benefit from Modern FM Technology

Modern technologies have brought substantial benefits to the retail facilities management, FM, sector. From cloud-based enterprise computing and mobile to big data and the emerging Internet of Things, retail brands are realizing significant improvements across their operations. However, while not surprising, much of the attention around FM solutions has been focused around facilities Read More

5 Key Steps to Effective Contractor Management

Contractor Management Challenges Today Facilities management professionals and their teams today are required to manage highly distributed enterprises with locations (stores, restaurants, buildings, outlets, healthcare centers, etc.) all over the country or even all over the world. For repair and maintenance (R&M) of these facilities, FM teams often need to source and manage service Read More

Announcing ServiceX 2019: When, Where & What to Expect

Get ready for ServiceX 2019! Our exclusive 3-day conference is back for another year. Join us on September 22nd-24th in Scottsdale, AZ for what is set to be a bigger and better show than ever before. ServiceX is a must-attend event for anyone focused on making sure their facilities and assets deliver a stellar customer experience. Attendees will have the chance to discover industry trends, Read More

7 Smart Building Technologies Needed to Bring Facilities into the Future

Perhaps no technology trend has had a bigger impact on facilities management than the investment into “smart” building technologies. This already-multi-billion dollar market is growing leaps and bounds, featuring tech that ranges from optimized climate control to smart parking garages and self-cleaning bathrooms, plus many other use cases both known and still to be imagined. A smart Read More

How to Balance Replacement Asset Value with Maintenance Cost Percentage

Our top-of-the-head analysis reveals that US companies alone spend upwards of $100 billion a year in the repair and maintenance of facilities and key equipment. There are a number of ways these companies track annual costs accurately for better planning and forecasting purposes. One common method is to calculate your annual maintenance cost expressed as a percentage of your Replacement Asset Value Read More

The REAL Reasons Shoppers Aren’t Returning to Your Stores: Introducing The State of Brick and Mortar Retail Report

Since 2015, 68 retailers have filed for bankruptcy and analysts expect nearly 6,000 more store closures in 2019. But new, modern retail is not only surviving, but thriving! Is it an apocalypse, a renaissance or just evolution taking its course? Today, we’re excited to release The State of Brick and Mortar Retail Report, a survey of more than 1,500 shoppers that reveals why customers decide Read More

4 Revolutionary Applications of AI in Facilities Management

You’ve probably noticed the term popping up in headlines, blogs, and broadcasts for the past several years, but AI is more than just self-cleaning vacuums and coffee-brewing robots. It’s being integrated into technologies and structures throughout the built environment, shaping and enhancing routine processes in ways that are often barely noticeable. ‘Smart’ buildings, for example, are being Read More

5 Ways to Minimize Maintenance Disruption on Retail Operations

Regular maintenance of buildings, equipment, and technology used in retail operations is essential to keep things running smoothly but also has the potential to disrupt day-to-day aspects of the business. A parade of contractors with bulky equipment may not exactly be the brand image a store wants to portray to customers in the front of the house. The back of the house can run into issues too if Read More