In-Depth Analysis of ServiceChannel’s Decision Engine Predictive Analytics Technology
Facility Management (FM) is evolving from a purely operational functional model to becoming a more strategic initiative for C-level executives. Due to this insurgence, software providers are turning to advanced technology to enable this evolution.

Because facilities management enables a better customer experience and now has a bigger seat at the table, IDC, the premier global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets, analyzed ServiceChannel’s Decision Engine.


ServiceChannel deployed GoodData to retire an ineffective legacy program and provide customers with accessible and actionable analytics. Moving analytics to GoodData, the company increased revenue, avoided the hiring of six additional analysts, eliminated legacy system costs, improved IT and manager productivity, and improved customer adoption and engagement. ServiceChannel saw an ROI of 1218%.

Machine Learning for FMs

Data-driven enterprises mature through three phases of digital transformation: commodity storage, self-service everything, and machine-learning ubiquity. Enterprises not yet to that third wave should dedicate themselves to getting there: Data innovators are applying new machine-learning approaches to revolutionize traditional business operations….

Nucleus Research

“Edge” enterprise resource planning (ERP) application ServiceChannel automates commercial contracting, bringing more visibility into facility maintenance and service for commercial facilities.  ServiceChannel enables facilities to select and manage third party contractors based on actual metrics, resulting in improvements in the quality of service they receive. Nucleus expects ServiceChannel customers to experience greater ROI and benefit from cost savings, risk mitigation and compliance, and analytic capabilities…