Field Tech ManagerField Tech Manager

Internal Workforce & Workflow Management and Inventory Management

How Our Field Tech Management Software Works

   With Field Tech Manager:

  • Companies can manage their own technicians and assign work orders to individual technicians, all with full visibility and transparency
  • Technicians can interact with work orders in real-time while in the field (view, log time against and update details for assigned work orders via a mobile app)
  • Track part and supply inventory usage and costs

How It Helps


Increase Operational Transparency

Manage internal technicians efficiently through greater visibility


Manage Program Consistently

Easily manage both internal staff and third party contractors from same system


Manage Part & Supply Inventory

Accurately track usage and spend on all parts and supplies across locations

Boost Workforce Efficiency

Save time by allowing internal techs to complete actions via mobile app


Meet Service Levels

Ensure adherence to SLAs by internal technicians

Improve Reporting

Accurately track technician time and productivity and total work order cost

Field Tech Manager Features

For Managers:

Work Order Dispatch

Dispatch work orders to specific internal techs or define auto-assignments

Auto Work Order Forwarding

Work orders may be automatically forwarded to alternative techs


Technician Reporting

Tech productivity and total work order cost tracked through integrated analytics

For Internal Technicians:


Work Order Management

View assigned work orders and accept, cancel or reassign

Job Time Capture

Easily log time against work orders and update details

Asset / Parts Tracking

Select/Record assets (via Asset Manager) and parts used on a work order

Inventory Management

Track inventory by location and capture cost of parts