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There are over 150,000 convenience store (“C-Store”) and fuel retailing locations in the US (one for every 2,100 people!), each with the focus on being fast, friendly, and clean.

In a landscape of never-ending consumer alternatives, these facilities need to be in top working condition at all times.

As competitive pressures increase, some C-Stores are offering a broader range of services including quick-serve restaurants, coffee islands, financial services kiosks, and even showers. Maintenance issues like store and grounds appearance, as well as cleanliness are becoming more of a factor in consumers’ decisions. Thus, while C-Stores are becoming larger and supporting more and increasingly complex equipment, it’s become imperative that they be better maintained.

ServiceChannel has built its Service Automation Suite to deliver solutions to these types of problems for C-Stores.

“It’s been like night and day compared to our old process. Vendors love doing business with us now because ServiceChannel makes it very easy to work with us.

ServiceChannel was able to engender support at all levels of RaceTrac because of its ability to be our system of record.”

Jelani Headley, Senior Manager, Field Services Support, RaceTrac

Challenges of Managing Convenience Facilities

  • C-stores need to emphasize store appearance to acquire and retain customers. The cleanliness of food displays and restrooms is paramount, though a neat exterior is also important to making a great first impression.
  • In a competitive industry, C-stores can differentiate their business by updating existing amenities and integrating new ones, like coffee islands or showers. With new equipment, however, comes the challenge of maintaining it.
  • There are stringent requirements to track and report on refrigerant usage. For a nationwide C-store chain with countless assets using refrigerant, this becomes a huge task.
  • Fuel is highly regulated. C-stores associated with gas/petrol stations need to be cognizant of monitoring, reporting, and mitigating risk and compliance issues to reduce safety concerns.

Select C-Store Industry R&M Data

Each convenience store is unique and has specialized equipment to service. We conducted an analytical survey to determine where C-Store facilities are spending money on repair and maintenance. 

Top 5 Trades by Workorders

Top 5 Trades by Spend

Top 5 Maintenance Trades by Spend

Top 5 Repair Trades by Spend

Top Trade by Spend by Season

*All data provided by ServiceChannel Custom Analytics 2015

Advantages of FM Software for Convenience Stores

  • Using our work order tracking software, teams can respond to and schedule service requests, keep an organized record of all past and current work, and manage work orders from anywhere.
  • Contractors need to have experience maintaining the unique assets of convenience stores. A directory like Fixxbook allows facility teams to vet service providers and find the right fit who is insured and compliant.
  • Refrigerant tracking software automatically tracks refrigerant data and standardizes workflows to maintain EPA compliance. Fines are eliminated, compliance is achieved and brand image is maintained.
  • Visibility into spend analytics enables C-store teams to make informed decisions about where R&M spend reduction is possible. Use analytics to identify trends and ultimately make data-backed R&M decisions for each facility.

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