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Financial institutions have a wide array of facilities management requirements and particular industry challenges.

The finance sector comprises a range of different types of facilities. They cover everything from bank branches, brokerages and check cashing outlets to credit unions, insurance outlets, corporate locations and even stand-alone ATMs.

Whether global financial institutions or local, community businesses, all share a common need to properly and cost-effectively maintain their locations and present an inviting customer experience – while ensuring a safe and secure environment for critical business and consumer transactions.

National and regional banks need to maintain hundreds to thousands of locations while delivering a consistent brand experience. Credit unions and local banks are often community-focused and typically want to do business locally; they want to make sure they can source service providers and contractors in their area. Other institutions locate their own retail financial centers in others’ locations (e.g. within big box retailers or malls) where the responsibilities and obligations for repair & maintenance can be challenging and difficult to track.

Even unmanned assets like ATMs require regular monitoring and maintenance that can be challenging with specific services and work needed. Regardless of location type, the finance industry typically faces a myriad of regulatory audits and risk/compliance issues across its physical footprint.

All of an institution’s operations rely on the latest technologies and platforms. Managing its locations without corresponding facilities automation technology is simply too great a risk.

ServiceChannel’s solutions bring flexibility, transparency and compliance to automate facilities maintenance across any number of finance industry locations.

“It’s a huge win for us to have this information now at our hands and to drive our behaviors. ServiceChannel was a natural place for us to go… The deployment of ServiceChannel has been so successful, we are in the process of rolling out its use into the eight countries we currently operate in across Europe.”

Kenneth Engle, Director of Real Estate & Construction, DFC

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