Facilities Management for Government

Whether local/municipal, state or federal, government facilities managers often have particular requirements beyond what is often seen in comparable commercial environments.

Government facilities management programs typically have stringent regulatory, compliance and budgetary mandates to follow. Most entities are responsible for maintaining a wide range of facilities: from office buildings, schools and courthouses to warehouses, housing projects and land ports of entry. Continual legislative directives and spending cuts can have unforeseen impacts on maintaining government buildings and associated assets. Facilities managers in this sector are almost always in a tight budget environment, truly needing to ‘do more with less,’ so reducing repair and maintenance expenses while continuing to deliver needed services is paramount.

How We Help

ServiceChannel enables government facilities managers to improve operational performance by delivering more cost-efficient FM services, by enabling work requests, planned maintenance, site audits, asset management, supplier and contractor diversity and other regulated and non-regulated activities.