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Retail healthcare providers depend on the uptime of specialized clinical equipment and clean, well-maintained facilities.

If critical equipment or facility systems fail, not only will customer experience suffer it can lead to much dire consequences. Leaders in retail healthcare understand that a patient-centric approach is paramount to success. With this in mind, It’s imperative that these assets are maintained according to schedule, serviced properly, and repaired as quickly as possible. If not, important medical services may be unavailable, leading to frustration, delays, and an eventual loss of business – not to mention a tarnished reputation.

Relative to other commercial sectors, the retail healthcare industry has a unique set of demands: Specialized equipment, ‘clean room’ standards, and an emphasis on patient safety means that facilities management processes must be carefully monitored. Hiring qualified, certified, and compliant contractors for repairs and regular maintenance is also a top priority. ServiceChannel’s Service Automation suite is built to accommodate the retail healthcare industry’s uniqueneeds, making it easier for healthcare facilities to focus on their patients.

From urgent care centers and outpatient clinics to freestanding or hospital-sponsored off-campus “emergency departments,” healthcare facilities require a different level of care. ServiceChannel provides the support you need to thrive.

“ServiceChannel engaged our vendors so that we could focus on high value work while automating low impact tasks, it gives us accurate, real-time, unbiased information on our contractor performance so we can make more informed decisions, and it enables us to manage our program the way that we want it to be managed. ServiceChannel means better information, higher impact work, and technology that keeps us in control.”

Facilities Maintenance Manager, Bright Now Dental

Challenges of Managing Retail Healthcare Facilities

  • Retail healthcare spaces use specialized equipment such as labs, exam rooms, diagnostic centers, and patient delivery locations. Facilities managers need to be familiar with these pieces of equipment and hire contractors that know how to properly service them..
  • Convenience is one of the key draws that brings patients to retail healthcare locations – because of this, healthcare facilities must ensure brand uptime in order to retain customers and maintain their brand’s reputation.
  • Healthcare locations must maintain an extremely high standard of cleanliness. Clean facilities and equipment ensure the health and safety of employees and patients.
  • The retail healthcare industry is highly competitive; business owners must direct resources to functional, inviting facilities that drive consistently positive patient experiences.

Advantages of FM Software for Retail Healthcare

  • ServiceChannel’s analytics capabilities provide easy access to key trends, outliers, metrics, and insights, helping retail healthcare businesses make informed decisions around spend and efficiency.
  • Scheduling work orders and keeping organized records of past and current asset maintenance is simple using ServiceChannel’s work order management software.
  • ServiceChannel’s asset management software keeps track of equipment details such as location, age, condition, warranty, and open service requests. Access to this type of information helps retail healthcare businesses make data-driven decisions about asset care.
  • ServiceChannel’s contractor management solutions allow facilities managers to easily find, hire, oversee, and evaluate service providers. With these tools, retail healthcare facilities can source contractors who are experienced with specialized healthcare equipment.

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The retail healthcare industry requires many unique types of maintenance and repair. We conducted an analytical survey to determine which types of upkeep generate the most work orders and which are the most costly for retail healthcare businesses.

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