Facilities Management for Restaurants

ServiceChannel has been providing expertise, data and insights to restaurant businesses for over a decade.

Restaurateurs deal with their own set of unique challenges, whether it’s such as overseeing expensive, complex kitchen equipment, cutting operational costs and energy expenditure, or completing work orders without disturbing diners. With more than a million restaurant locations in the US alone, it’s obvious that this is a highly competitive industry and one operates on notoriously thin profit margins.

ServiceChannel has been providing the expertise, data and insights to help restaurant businesses maintain functional and inviting facilities for over a decade. We recognize the need for a clean, safe, and well-maintained space in order to attract new customers and uphold brand image.

Our Service Automation Suite delivers value on a daily basis to our chain, quick service, and franchise restaurant clients, including some of the largest brands in the industry. ServiceChannel’s Service Automation platform helps restaurants of all sizes meet and exceed their business needs, providing efficient, cost-effective, and flexible facilities management solutions for long-term growth.

“We wanted to get from zero to 60 overnight in terms of our ‘facilities management evolution.’ We found ServiceChannel to be highly collaborative and open to new ideas that can help us grow continuously together.”

Jon Ahrendt, Director of Facilities Management, Bloomin’ Brands

Challenges of Managing Restaurant Facilities

  • The dining experience is highly influenced by the restaurant environment, and a poorly- it, unclean, or uncomfortably climate-controlled space will quickly drive customers away.
  • Cleanliness and functionality of a restaurant’s kitchen and dining spaces are critical to maintaining regulatory compliance (such as health and food safety inspections) and ensuring both customer and employee safety.
  • Restaurants can easily lose business if any equipment malfunctions or breaks down, especially if a failure takes place during busy dining hours. Because of this, regular preventative maintenance is key.
  • Because restaurants use almost three times more energy than the average commercial facility, energy efficiency is a primary concern for restaurant owners when it comes to managing costs.

Advantages of FM Software for Restaurants

  • ServiceChannel’s Service Automation platform allows restaurant staff to quickly and easily open work orders when equipment malfunctions. From there, facilities management teams can track end-to-end progress and ensure on-time service completion.
  • Restaurant owners and brand executives can manage operating costs and track facilities management spend using ServiceChannel’s Analytics Custom, providing custom reporting to both internal and external stakeholders.
  • ServiceChannel’s Refrigerant Tracking Manager provides straightforward, automated refrigerant use tracking with every service call, making it easier to maintain EPA 608 compliance and avoid fines and downtime.
  • Finding and hiring contractors to perform maintenance and repairs is simplified with ServiceChannel’s Contractor Scorecard, which enables restaurant owners and facilities teams to make objective, data-driven decisions based on performance, cost, and prior experience.

Select Restaurant Industry Repair & Maintenance Data

The restaurant industry requires many types of maintenance and repair. We conducted an analytical survey to determine what needs restaurant facilities managers are placing work orders for and where they are spending money.

Top 5 Trades by Workorders

Top 5 Trades by Spend

Top 5 Maintenance Trades by Spend

Top 5 Repair Trades by Spend

*All data provided by ServiceChannel Custom Analytics 2015

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