Facilities Management Software for the Self‑Storage Industry

Since 1999, ServiceChannel has revolutionized the facilities management industry by streamlining processes and protocols, enabling collaboration, and turning mountains of paperwork into organized digital stores.

Self-storage businesses vary in size, number of locations, and ownership types, requiring facilities management solutions that address industry needs across all variations of storage facilities.

ServiceChannel’s Service Automation suite helps facilities managers create work orders, hire experienced contractors, oversee repair and maintenance work, submit payments, and analyze spend efficiently and at low costs across numerous locations.

Challenges of Self-Storage Facilities Management

  • Since most self-storage businesses are real estate investment trusts (REIT), owners don’t want short-term fixes— they want long-term solutions. Finding appropriate contractors to maintain their facilities can be challenging.
  • Managing budget is extremely important for FMs. One major challenge they face is attaining the visibility into spend that can help them find areas in which they can cut costs.
  • Finding facilities management software with a simple, intuitive user interface is challenging for FMs in the self-storage industry. They want to be able to quickly and easily view and manage work orders, analytics, and more from anywhere.
  • Self-storage FMs need to be able to work from anywhere on their properties, since they are large and require frequent surveillance.

Benefits of Self-Storage Facilities Management Software

  • ServiceChannel’s contractor management solutions allow for the easy finding, hiring, overseeing, and evaluating of service providers, helping self-storage FMs ensure the contractors they use can provide them with the services they need.
  • Using ServiceChannel’s mobile FM capabilities, FMs can schedule work orders, keep an organized record of all past and current work, scan tagged assets and upload asset notes from anywhere on the property.
  • With ServiceChannel’s analytics capabilities, self-storage FMs can view key trends, outliers, metrics, and insights on easy-to-read dashboards, helping them make data-informed decisions around reducing spend and asset repair/replacement.
  • By leveraging ServiceChannel’s site planning mobile app, storage FMs can capture facilities condition data while anywhere onsite. This way, they are able to make informed budgeting decisions and monitor location condition trends on the go.