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“The data that was available to us before deploying ServiceChannel was not precise or easily accessible. Now we can analyze every customer, vendor, asset and employee instantly with everything in one place.”

Vladimir Vuka, Director of Retail Assets


Metropolitan Market

“We are getting a lot more things done, and doing them more quickly since deploying ServiceChannel. Most importantly, we are seeing the condition of our stores improve as there are fewer unresolved or unreported issues.”

Justin Williams, Facilities Manager


Sit ‘n Sleep

“Accountability to our team means not having things fall through the cracks. By using ServiceChannel, we know when our service providers are there on site and can see when the work gets done. We can also make sure that we’re billed properly and timely for the services.”

Patty Cruz, RFMP, Director, Facilities and Corporate Real Estate

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Bloomin’ Brands

“Using ServiceChannel changes the nature of the business. The ability to open a ticket and answer questions right from the platform is a big advantage for the partners and for the Facilities Team. With ServiceChannel, we can dispatch the best service provider right from the platform.”

Jon Ahrendt, Director of Facilities Management, Bloomin’ Brands


Brightside Academy

“Maintaining excellence in our facilities management practice is a fundamental business requirement for Brightside Academy. But facilities management can be challenging in a highly distributed enterprise like ours with dozens of sites that can develop any number of issues requiring immediate service.”

Chelsea Prior, Senior Project and Technical Services Manager, Brightside Academy

Charlotte Russe

Charlotte Russe

“ServiceChannel has made our operations more automated, which helps us in so many ways. At first, I think we were using 5% of what ServiceChannel was capable of. Today, we’re operating at 90% of its full potential with room to do even more.”

Shannon Markwell, Facilities Manager, Charlotte Russe


Cole Haan

“The way we were operating as a facilities department and the way we are operating now is completely different. We were completely reactionary before we started using ServiceChannel. Now we are making decisions in advance and being proactive in how we handle our business. We are doing a lot more with a lot less.”

Eric Korth, Retail Facilities Manager, Cole Haan

Core Power Yoga

CorePower Yoga

“We’re using facilities data to positively impact design and construction decisions. This saves the company a lot of money by being smarter and more efficient in how we’re adding new studios.”

Brian Peoples, Director of Facilities, CorePower Yoga


Curo Financial

“The way we were operating as a facilities department and the way we are operating now is completely different. We were completely reactionary before we started using ServiceChannel. Now we are making decisions in advance and being proactive in how we handle our business. We are doing a lot more with a lot less.”

Joel Elsea, Director of Facilities, Curo Financial

DFC Global Corp

DFC Global Corp

“With ServiceChannel Analytics, we’re able to slice and dice data information rapidly and with a high degree of accuracy. We can look at all sorts of different KPIs, benchmarks and performance areas up and down the chain of management within the company, with very little resource expenditure.”

Kenneth Engle, Director of Real Estate & Construction, DFC Global Corp


Fast Casual Restaurant

“ServiceChannel has proven to be a great tool, especially in the area of reporting our results, which have improved our budgeting and forecasting processes. With these benefits, ServiceChannel was a pretty ‘easy sell’ to management and other corporate teams such as Operations.”

Senior Facilities Manager



“ServiceChannel is now one of our biggest drivers in how we manage facilities services. It’s a highly efficient way to keep our stores up to the same luxury brand standards as our products. As the ‘owner of our information,’ we can now spend less time to accomplish more at a higher quality than was possible before.”

Francesco Fassio, Facilities Manager, Fendi EMEA



“By deploying ServiceChannel, we have greatly improved transparency into all our repair and maintenance operations. Anybody who wants to know what’s going on can just open up the platform and find out. In other words, we’re finally operating like it’s 2017 as we should be, which will help us become more successful as a business.”

Hank Van Gieson, Manager of Program Development Facility Services, Ferguson Enterprises


Global Retailer

“The data from ServiceChannel gave us both qualitative and quantitative information that lets us work more strategically with our contractors, which is a win-win for everyone.”

Facilities Sourcing Manager


Global Specialty Retailer

“Deploying ServiceChannel to modernize our FM operations has been transformational for us. We have driven vendor performance to new levels and opened new channels of communications both internally and externally that helps us continually improve our overall effectiveness.”

VP Facilities & Energy Services

louis vuitton store

Louis Vuitton

“The implementation was very efficient. Our stores are absolutely thrilled with the system. We like that ServiceChannel technology is simple, organized, multi-functional, and comes with great support.”

Alan Donohoe, Senior Manager of the Preservation Department, Louis Vuitton


Ovation Brands

“The ease of locating and printing reports using ServiceChannel’s Analytics is a facilities person’s answer to controlling your costs and forecasting for the future.”

Charles Dugo, Director of Facilities, Ovation Brands



“It’s been like night and day compared to our old process. Vendors love doing business with us now because ServiceChannel makes it very easy to work with us. ServiceChannel was able to engender support at all levels of RaceTrac because of its ability to be our system of record.”

Jelani Headley, Senior Manager, Field Services Support, RaceTrac


Under Armour

“Using ServiceChannel, we get time back in our day because the system basically manages itself. It has given us the ability to prioritize, track everything and be more efficient overall. Using the system to our advantage and to our specifications has been a huge help and has changed our world.”

Kim Bowling, Senior Manager, Global Store Development, Under Armour