Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses ServiceChannel?

ServiceChannel is used by companies with complex and wide-ranging facility management needs.

These include:

• Retail Chains
• Restaurant Chains
• Convenience Stores
• Commercial Real Estate Owners and Property Management Companies
• Hotel, Motel, and Hospitality Organizations
• Healthcare Facilities, including Hospitals and Assisted Living Environments
• Universities and Educational Complexes
• National, State, and Local Governments and Municipalities

How do I use ServiceChannel?

Facility/Location managers can use ServiceChannel on a daily basis to initiate and track service calls in real time, run reports, and review work histories. Service call history is generated as it occurs and our integrated reporting and analysis tools give you timely, accurate, and pertinent information so that you can make more informed decisions regarding your enterprise.

How will ServiceChannel help me control my business more effectively?

Better Information—Better information gives you a clearer picture of exactly what services you have received from your service contractor. It also allows you to target service requests more effectively and it can make every interaction with your contractors more meaningful. Better information is exactly what ServiceChannel delivers.

Better Service History—ServiceChannel captures data from every point in the communication chain. From superintendent requests and dispatcher responses to field worker activities and on-site analysis, service data are aggregated in real time across all trades, throughout all properties, enterprisewide. You get the up-to-the-minute information you need to make the most out of your present service relationships and plan effectively for future service needs.

Better Equipment Maintenance—Facility Managers can leverage service history data to calculate total cost of ownership (TCO) of existing capital assets and to make decisions about equipment usage and future equipment purchases.

Better Troubleshooting—With ServiceChannel’s proactive notification you will know when service issues arise, when and if they are attended to, and when they are resolved. Furthermore, our data allow you to pinpoint potential trouble spots before they become serious and costly problems.

How will ServiceChannel reduce my costs?

ServiceChannel means faster, more efficient communication that results in:

Lower Overhead Costs—By connecting you to your service contractors electronically, you can dramatically reduce overhead costs associated with managing all of your service providers – from call centers to administrative support personnel.

Less Wasted Time—All necessary documents and service records are stored digitally online and are available at any time, further reducing the time and cost associated with manual processing of service-related paperwork.

Better Communication—With the status of service requests available in real time over the Internet, you and your staff will waste less time on the phone tracking down individual service contractors to obtain the information needed.

How does ServiceChannel help me ensure compliance?

ServiceChannel continually monitors contractually scheduled preventive maintenance. Our custom alerts verify contractor compliance so you’re never in doubt about the status of your facility.

Will ServiceChannel interface with my internal computer system?

Yes, in fact our technical team will ensure that ServiceChannel integrates seamlessly with your internal systems so you gain optimum efficiency with ServiceChannel.

Do I have to change the way I work to use ServiceChannel?

No. ServiceChannel uses nonobtrusive technology that provides clients with timely, accurate, and pertinent information; proactive notification; and enhanced reporting and analysis capabilities. You’ll work efficiently with ServiceChannel, not differently.

Do I need any special software to use ServiceChannel?

No. Our site is accessible through a standard web browser using any Internet connection worldwide.

Will ServiceChannel interface with my existing website?

Yes. Our technical team can set up ServiceChannel to feed service data into your existing corporate intranet or Internet site.

Does ServiceChannel offer any training or support for my staff?

Absolutely. When you first become a ServiceChannel customer, our implementations team will train you and your staff so you have a comprehensive understanding of ServiceChannel products and how best to use them. Once your implementation is complete, our customer support team will provide you and your staff with ongoing assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What level of customer service does ServiceChannel provide?

ServiceChannel provides its clients with unlimited technical support via our website, email, telephone, or fax. Our client support staff is well trained in both the functional and technical aspects of ServiceChannel and can answer questions and resolve problems quickly and conveniently.

How does ServiceChannel get data from my service contractors?

ServiceChannel staff work with your service contractors to gather a comprehensive set of service data on your facilities. Our proven technologies are nonintrusive and do not require your contractors to use any specialized equipment or to change the way they conduct business.

Do my service contractors need an Internet connection to use ServiceChannel?

No. We employ a wide range of methods to collect data from your service contractors, from complete integration with their internal computer systems to faxable work order forms and a telephone-based interactive voice response system. Therefore, while an Internet connection can make electronic communication easier, it is not required to participate in ServiceChannel.

How can I get on ServiceChannel?

Please contact to speak with a representative who can get your organization started with ServiceChannel.

What are the system requirements needed to use ServiceChannel products?

At ServiceChannel, our goal is to provide you with the best user experience. Below is a list of the supported desktop browsers, system requirements, firewall settings, and email domains / whitelisting.

Desktop Browsers

ServiceChannel is tested against and supports the following browsers, provided that JavaScript and cookies are both turned on:

  • Google Chrome (current version)
  • Mozilla Firefox (current version)
  • Apple Safari (current version)
  • Microsoft Edge (current version)
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Internet Explorer 10
  • Internet Explorer 9

Please note that although we strive to satisfy complex requirements of our customers, we cannot continue to enhance our product and still support old versions of the browsers.

Mobile Web Browsers

ServiceChannel can be viewed through a mobile browser on your iPads, iPhones, or Android smartphones using the following systems:

  • iOS 7 or later
  • Android Jelly Bean or later
  • Chrome and Safari browsers

System Requirements

ServiceChannel works best on systems with the following minimum system requirements:

  • Any operating system capable of running the list of officially supported browsers
  • 1 GB or more of RAM
  • An Internet connection of at least 256 Kbps (typical DSL connection) or higher

Firewall Settings

ServiceChannel uses multiple web servers with dynamically assigned IP addresses. The firewalls should be set up to allow outgoing traffic to any URL that contains and

  • *
  • * for the following protocols:
      Port 80 – standard http traffic (http)
      Port 443 – secured http traffic (https)

IP Addresses, Email Domains, and Email Addresses

The following ServiceChannel IP addresses, email domains, and email addresses are used to send work orders, alerts, and other notifications. Please be sure to whitelist these addresses (see Whitelisting, below) and adjust your email distribution to be able to receive emails from the following ServiceChannel IP addresses and domains:

IP Addresses:


Email Domains: – used to send service requests, proposals, RFPs, invoices, and other alerts – used to send work order notes and planned maintenance (PM) dispatch emails used to send planned maintenance (PM) dispatch emails and other alerts, as listed below: Planned Maintenance (PM) dispatch emails Database email alerts (Auto Invoice Error, Active Client List, SC Billable Store Count Alerts, etc) used to send service requests, proposals, RFPs, invoices, and other alerts, as listed below: Service Request from the web (Classic Service Request), Service Request from S2E, Service Request from Dashboard, Reassign WO, Cancel WO, WO Assignment Proposals (proposal submittals, proposal assignments, proposal approvals/rejections) RFPs (RFP submittals, etc.) Invoices (invoice approvals/rejections) Other alerts (ETA alerts, feedback alerts, unsatisfactory alerts, etc.) used to send work order notes

[tracking#] For example, to send a work order note to Tracking# 51341535, send/receive emails would go to/come from


Email addresses: To ensure you are receiving the latest news from ServiceChannel, please add the following email addresses to your contact list in your email program:



A whitelist is a set of rules added to a spam-filtering system or email system to allow emails into an organization. Through this process, you grant permission for our emails to be delivered to your inbox.

Issues in receiving ServiceChannel emails might be due to a bounce back from your distribution. This results in an email domain suppression. Should one or more emails in your alerts bounce back to us as unable to deliver, our outgoing email service places the domain on a suppression list, preventing new emails from being sent to you. In order to resolve this issue you must whitelist all of the above ServiceChannel IP addresses and/or email domains.

There are several ways to whitelist emails from ServiceChannel, depending on your company’s spam-filtering solution. Your internal team can work with you to determine the best method for your email system.

We recommend and support whitelisting using the following techniques and technologies:

  • IP addresses
  • DKIM (Domain Key)
  • SPF (Sender Policy Framework)
  • Sender ID
  • Signed-By email header
  • Server address (Mailed-By)
  • From address

Once ServiceChannel domains and emails are whitelisted, please notify Contractor Support at so an agent can request the removal of the affected emails from suppression. It is important to complete the whitelist process prior to the request, as any subsequent bounce backs will place the emails back on the suppression list.