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“The ongoing partnership with ServiceChannel is evident in the fact that we know there’s still more to be done, we will get to the point where everything we need to know, everything that’s going on will be handled in a transparent manner. We can also say that with our providers being more and more transparent, they will also differentiate themselves from competition. The Fortune 500 list actually has several ServiceChannel clients in the top ten, and we are proudly at position #7; that’s a pretty important point for us.”

Randy Hausmann, Sr. Director, Facility Management, CVS



Louis Vuitton

“The implementation was very efficient. Our stores are absolutely thrilled with the system. We like that ServiceChannel technology is simple, organized, multi-functional, and comes with great support.”

Alan Donohoe, Senior Manager of the Preservation Department, Louis Vuitton

Curo Financial

“The way we were operating as a facilities department and the way we are operating now is completely different. We were completely reactionary before we started using ServiceChannel. Now we are making decisions in advance and being proactive in how we handle our business. We are doing a lot more with a lot less.”

Joel Elsea, Director of Facilities, Curo Financial



Brightside Academy

“Maintaining excellence in our facilities management practice is a fundamental business requirement for Brightside Academy. But facilities management can be challenging in a highly distributed enterprise like ours with dozens of sites that can develop any number of issues requiring immediate service.”

Chelsea Prior, Senior Project and Technical Services Manager, Brightside Academy


“Communication is really key for us. ServiceChannel provides a way for us to communicate directly with our customers electronically in real time and update status with them. In the past we would have to rely on phone.”

Reuben Parker, Corporate Account Manager, Roto-Rooter




“Transparency means being able to see the full picture. From the accounting side of things, we would never be able to see any invoices, any bills coming through for any of our service calls for any of our maintenance issues until we physically got the bills. Now, in our hands we can approve, deny anything that we think is too much, not within budgets. So, at least from the accounting side, and I’m sure from the restaurant side, it’s a lot smoother than in the past.”

Justin Haapala, Senior Accountant, Wagamama

Cole Haan

“ServiceChannel is my number one platform for organizing my day. I start and end my day with it.”

Eric Korth, Retail Facilities Manager, Cole Haan


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