Integration Services

Connect Your Internal Work Order Management System to ServiceChannel
to Eliminate Redundancy, Duplicate Entry and Human Error

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What Our Contractor Supplier System Integration Services Cover

A Web Services (XML) integration is of benefit to both contractors and suppliers using ServiceChannel and their clients as it reduces double entry of data, eliminating human error and enabling both parties to view status updates in real-time

How It Helps

Increase Accuracy

Reduce errors from unnecessary data entries

Enhance Efficiency

Save time by eliminating wasteful effort duplicating entries and respond quicker to updated information

Gain Access

Make your business visible to ServiceChannel’s customer base as an “SC Integrated” contractor and supplier, increasingly an important contractor/supplier qualification criteria

Our Services

ServiceChannel’s Web Services Integration package includes:

  • SC programming to post data via XML to Contractor/Supplier’s internal work order management system – Required testing and deployment
  • On-going monitoring and maintenance
  • Dedicated project management & integration team that helps manage the setup, testing and move to production
  • Account Manager
  • Fixxbook Profile badge highlighting Contractor/Supplier-SC integration

Tech Requirements

With ServiceChannel’s standard approach to integration, technical requirements on the contractor/supplier end are minimal. The contractor/supplier system simply needs to be able to receive and transmit XML files through a web service call. All sorts of contractor/supplier systems have been integrated: from homegrown and proprietary ones to enterprise work order management and ERP systems.



Automatically send and/or receive work order management updates for your approved clients


Multi-way integration options with the ServiceChannel platform

Are you a ServiceChannel Contractor that would like to set up an integration with one of your customers?

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“We’ve been a ServiceChannel partner for almost 10 years and we’ve always found that the platform offers us an easy way to keep our clients up-to-date in real time across all work orders. Through the use of integration tools like XML Exchange, we’re able to be that much more effective for our customers. Global can type an update into ServiceChannel and it will instantly populate in our own proprietary internal work order management system. The same goes with notes typed into our system first. The time saved by eliminating redundant noting is then used on additional work that we’re doing for our clients.”

Danielle Uanino, Operations Manager, Global Facility Management & Construction