Reduce your facility maintenance and repair costs by
managing your early payment discounts




How EarlyPay Works

  • Step1

    Compliance Manager
    Set-up your EarlyPay discount program in Compliance Manager.

    Contractors receive notification of their early payment options and a link to accept the discount terms.

  • Step2

    Registered contractor performs work and local manager approves work performed.

  • Step3

    Invoice Manager
    Contractor submits an invoice for approval.

    Confirm invoice matches the work order and NTE limits.

    Facilities manager reviews and approves the invoice online.

  • Step4

    If the invoice is approved within early payment window, company’s account is debited and contractor is credited the invoice amount, less discount.

    ServiceChannel invoices you a percentage of your savings on your monthly invoice.

  • Step5

    Payments Posted Online

How It Helps

Save Money

Cost savings from discounts for early payment

Improve Efficiency

Avoid service interruption and encourage better service by ensuring contractors are paid on time


Improve Cash Flow

Improve cash flow and ready access to all payment information for contractors


Invoice Only Validated Work

Contractors can only invoice for work approved by your site personnel


Rapid Approval

Set up auto-approval rules based on contracted rates and easily approve exceptions

Accounting System Integration

Transmit GL-coded invoice data to your accounting system

Payment Status Tracking

Track/monitor invoice payment status