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Gain Advanced Insights by Customizing ServiceChannel’s
Analytics Standard Reporting

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How Our Facilities Management Analytics Custom Software Works

ServiceChannel Analytics Custom, an innovative, Big Data reporting and analytics platform, empowers the customer with the ability to create ad-hoc reports and dashboards, as well as modify ServiceChannel pre-built reports/dashboards.

How It Helps

Tailor FM program analytics to your business needs

Create custom visualizations and dashboards specific to your business

Generate your own actionable insights

“The reporting tools are a great way to help evaluate our business at any time.”

Roger Hernandez, Retail Facilities Manager, Columbia Sportswear


The ServiceChannel Service Automation platform includes ServiceChannel Analytics Standard, a powerful reporting tool including:

Impactful Visualizations

Easy User Interface

Fast, Scalable and Seamless User Experience

Building on this core reporting tool, ServiceChannel Analytics Custom adds to this integrated approach with:



Easily create metrics, reports and dashboards to monitor and analyze the data you need and in line with your organization and business requirements, for example:

Create your own budget reports
Create dashboard showing your 5 most expensive locations by trade


Make changes to our standard reports and dashboards, for example:

Add service provider filter to existing dashboards

A global retailer learned from its Service Automation data that different stores in the same region were paying vastly different prices for certain on-site maintenance services.
With ServiceChannel Analytics Custom, the Procurement team analyzed category spend and identified outlier stores. In conjunction with store managers, the company implemented strategies to drive down category cost, reducing category spend by up to 10%.