Contractor Scorecard

Align FM Goals and Objectives with Contractor Performance Review Software

What is Contractor Scorecard?

Contractor Scorecard is a balanced scorecard that measures and tracks contractor performance on various dimensions — contractor effectiveness, service quality and service cost.

Scorecards help contractors translate business and service level agreements into objectives they need to meet and support objective, data-informed reviews and mutual discussions. They can be viewed individually or across multiple contractors, by location/region, by trade/category, by date, or by priority.

Benefits of Contractor Scorecard

Use Contractor Scorecard as a management system – more effectively manage the work of vendors.

Cost Savings

Identify top-performing contractors that resolve issues faster, minimizing costly downtime and reducing work order recalls.

Increased Compliance

Analyze contractor performance over time to monitor compliance with SLAs— then make adjustments to your SLA processes if necessary.

Improved Efficiency

Analyze vendor performance over time to determine how contractor performance has progressed. Calculate potential deviation from contractors’ average performance levels.

Better Goal Setting

Use Contractor Scorecard internally as a planning device to set goals and drive changes across your key facilities management initiatives, like increasing first-time work order resolutions.

Smarter Hiring Decisions

Track vendor effectiveness across quality and cost to determine relationship levels with vendors. Use this capability to decide whom to award new business to or whether to make changes.

Key Features of Contractor Scorecard

Contractor Scorecard provides facilities managers with a comprehensive framework of KPIs and metrics. These measure vendor performances through the following key features:


Measure Numerous Areas of Performance

Evaluate contractor performance by setting and monitoring KPIs including:

  • Dispatch confirmation percentage
  • Check-in compliance
  • On time arrivals
  • First-time completion percentage
  • Invoice submission timelines
  • Resolution time
  • Scheduled date entry confirmation % percentage
  • Scheduled work order completion percentage
  • Response time
  • Proposal turnaround time


Set KPIs by Location

Identify the best and worst performing locations with the KPIs by Location feature. With the location graph, you can easily identify poorly performing regions and locations to investigate further.


Track Services Individually

Separate Repair and Maintenance Measurement: Individually track on-demand repair and maintenance work order performance with separate KPIs and grades for these different services.


Evaluate Across the WO Lifecycle

Measure and compare work order lifecycle performance with operational metrics; drill into these metrics to analyze when the performance was above or below the average performance of a given contractor for the selected time period.


Monitor GPS and IVR Check-Ins

Contractor Scorecard’s summary tab includes source of check-ins (IVR or GPS) over time so FMs can monitor progress.


Assess Trends

The operational metrics tab evaluates trends across various metrics through the lifecycle of a work order. You can dig into individual work orders to assess contractor performance, using this tab as a guide for what to look for.

Customer Use Case

“ServiceChannel harnesses the efficiencies of service automation to streamline the relationship between us and our clients. We love the fact that the platform is completely transparent in the way it enhances, not impedes our business transactions with customers. This is a major distinction compared to other technology options we’ve encountered.”

Reuben Parker, Account Manager, Roto-Rooter