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ServiceChannel helps quality service providers win more business with the 500+ brands that manage over 330,000 locations on the ServiceChannel platform. Our free Commercial Services Directory allows providers to list their contact information and manage compliance documentation in one place. We also match brands to providers based on trade, geographic requirements, and performance metrics. As you continue to perform well, ServiceChannel will recommend you to more clients – so you can focus on providing excellent service while we help you source new business opportunities.

How ServiceChannel Helps You Find New Business

ServiceChannel connects contractors and suppliers with new service buyers and revenue opportunities. Core benefits include:

New Business Opportunities

Whether it’s a facilities manager looking for national, regional, or local contractors, or service management companies looking for subs, we’ll recommend providers that match the skillset and geographic requirements so they’ll find you faster.

Increased Trust

Have your work endorsed by an advocate that clients trust. ServiceChannel collects billions of data points on performance and price so clients have a high level of confidence in our platform recommendations and your provider scorecard.

Time Savings

Stop duplicating efforts providing the same info to multiple prospects. ServiceChannel allows you to easily share information with whomever you want with timeliness and accuracy.

Accessible Contractor Tools

You’ll also get tools to help you provide better customer service, get more business, automate your processes and lower your cost of doing business.

Diversity Promotion

If you’re a diverse contractor/supplier, you can make sure facilities managers find you by indicating your business’ diversity status on your profile.

Key Features for Providers

Joining the ServiceChannel provider network makes it easier to promote your business:

Free Contractor Profile

Boost awareness and get invited to join clients’ private contractor networks.

Experience / Qualification Badges

Show clients why they should hire you by promoting your unique experience and qualifications.

Access to Private Networks

Apply to join private networks of companies looking to hire contractors.

Business Building Tools

Take advantage of contractor-specific value add services.


Online Document Management & Alerts

Ensure agreement, warranty and legal compliance with an organized document management system.

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“ServiceChannel is actually better than advertising. We’ve gotten more customers from our Commercial Provider Directory that any other part of the business.”

James Bridges, ACS Commercial Services LLC