Analytics Standard

Analytics, Visualization and Business Intelligence Platform
for Multi-Site Enterprises and Organizations

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How Our FM Reporting Business Intelligence Works

ServiceChannel Analytics Standard, powered by GoodData business intelligence technology, delivers impactful, visual-based analytics with historical, current and predictive views of business operations.

Specifically built for companies managing multi-site locations, Analytics Standard includes financial, operational and strategic visualization dashboards that lead to more effective decision-making. Gain visibility into service data across all trades, categories, locations and contractors to find answers to business-critical questions within minutes.

How It Helps

Reduce Costs

Reduce spend through actionable invoice and spend insights

Collaborate Efficiently

Subscribe to, print and share reports with business partners or anyone in your organization

Follow Best Practices

Compare pricing across contractors and benefit from best practices reporting

Turn 'Big Data' into 'Smart Data'

Easily access, understand and analyze all your business data

Increase Business Performance

Drive efficiencies via a powerful set of operational dashboards


Impactful Visualizations

Grasp key trends, outliers, metrics and insights through an impactful array of graphical visualizations

Contractor Scorecarding

Standardize service level expectations as well as KPIs used by the industry to measure performance and track costs

Easy-to-Use Interface

Navigate through Analytics Standard with ease because of its intuitive and logical design


Program Monitoring

Closely track your program spend by trade, location, provider, etc.

Unrealized Savings

Identify opportunities to manage and reduce spend

Reporting Analytics

ServiceChannel Analytics Standard powered by GoodData enables you to analyze Repair & Maintenance (R&M) spend and contractor performance, and drive improved results for your organization.

Learn insights from numerous standard reports, including:


R&M Program Analysis

  • Work Order History by Spend or Volume
  • Work Order Insights
  • Invoice Spend Insights

Service Provider Analysis

  • Send Reports
  • Feedback Analysis
  • Service Level by Trade Analysis
  • Invoice Analysis by Trade

Trade and Category Analysis

  • Invoice Total, Average by Trade
  • Invoice Total, Average by Category

Operational Reports

  • Work Order, Proposal, Invoice Status Analysis
  • Work Order Aging

Priority Analysis

  • Invoice Analysis
  • Committed Spend
  • Work Order Volume

Location Analysis

  • Geographic Charts
  • Work Orders by Region and Location
  • Invoice Spend by Region and Location

“With ServiceChannel Analytics Standard, we’re able to slice and dice data information rapidly and with a high degree of accuracy. We can look at all sorts of different KPIs, benchmarks and performance areas up and down the chain of management within the company, with very little resource expenditure.”

Kenneth Engle, Director of Real Estate & Construction, DFC Global