Supply Manager

Source Parts and Supplies Efficiently and Transparently from Aggregated, Customized Supplier Catalogs

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How Our Inventory & Supply Management Software Works

ServiceChannel Supply Manager is an extensive, customized online catalog for your locations to access company approved contracted materials, equipment, parts, and supplies.

Seamlessly integrated with ServiceChannel Service Automation, this web-based platform offers a variety of supplier enablement, catalog management, and end user shopping experiences to control spend, ensure quality, and track warranties.

How It Helps

Increase Efficiency

Reduce order entry time while ensuring only approved parts/supplies ordered for each location

Approve Spending

Maintain spending limits via enhanced workflow approval processes that track spend the way you do – over time, not only by purchase

Improve Quality

Lengthen equipment life cycle and increase uptime by ensuring OEM parts and supplies are installed


Manage Warranties

Manage parts replacement warranties; identify, track, and claim all OEM extended warranties

Better Cost Control

Leverage your company’s volume spend through purchase order efficiency to get best prices on materials and parts & supplies

Achieve Data-Driven Control

Gain greater visibility and control over supplier and product management through full transparent data on each purchase and supplier relationship

Revolutionize the Communication Process

Extend integration beyond the web catalog into electronic order transfer, in-order notes, and real-time freight tracking


Web Shopping Cart

Improve buying with personalized, company-approved customer web shopping experience with photos/descriptions from each catalog

Guided Buying Process

Ensure location managers can only order the right items for their locations

Controls & Approvals

Use role based controls and custom approval workflow

Contractor Based Pricing Validation

Make sure purchases are made at contracted prices

Streamline Supply Ordering

Paperless purchasing and invoicing process


In Order Notes & Freight Tracking Updates

Move from inefficient email to a modern ordering platform

Gain Purchasing Efficiencies

Automated purchase order delivery options for suppliers

Private Virtual Marketplace

Buy with transaction transparency

Customer Use Case

A national restaurant chain had allowed local contractors to buy parts as needed. However, they realized this didn’t take advantage of their corporate spend or assure proper warranty processes, and led to excessive parts and supply markups. After deploying ServiceChannel Supply Manager, the chain could then leverage its own negotiated contracts for needed parts, resulting in cost savings, warranty improvement and greater TCO analysis for equipment.