Refrigerant Tracking ManagerRefrigerant Tracking Manager

Automatically Collect Data and Standardize Workflows to Stay EPA-compliant and Build a Stronger “Green” Brand


ServiceChannel Refrigerant Tracking Manager makes it easy to track your refrigerant use with every service call. It automates the capture of required information and the scheduling of follow-up verification for compliance with EPA 608 regulations. It also automatically generates your GreenChill certification report. So you avoid fines and refrigeration downtime – all while contributing to a healthier environment and building a stronger “green” brand.

Reduce Risk.

Say goodbye to manual and error-prone tracking of refrigerant use. Instead, let Refrigerant Tracking Manager automate data collection and scheduling of required verification, with every service call and at every location.

Optimize Spend.

Know where you stand with a unified view into asset histories and refrigerant inventories across all locations. So you can get refrigerants to the locations that need them, and stop worrying about refrigeration downtime.

Strengthen Your Brand.

Streamline getting certified for your commitment to green practices. With all the information on refrigerants, charge levels and emissions in one place, you can generate your GreenChill report with the push of a button.

Refrigerant Tracking Manager Features

Rack Records

Track what assets (e.g., low temp frozen food cases) are connected together that use the same refrigerant

Refrigerated Assets Tracking

Record what assets are refrigerated and their capacities, allowing the mandated EPA calculation to be performed


User Definable Leak Rate Thresholds

Configure company-specific leak threshold for refrigerant use

EPA Certified Leak Rate Calculation

Automatically perform specialized EPA calculation to determine if additional compliance steps required


Leak Record Generation

When leak threshold exceeded, create EPA-required leak record requesting additional steps and recording specific information

GreenChill Reporting

Support annual reporting requirements for GreenChill’s (EPA partnership) Store Certification Program

How Refrigerant Tracking Manager is Used


After a refrigeration monitoring system goes into alarm, indicating that a frozen food case is running too warm, a qualified technician is dispatched to the location to address the problem.


After identifying a leak in the system, the technician repairs the leak, charges the system with refrigerant (to bring it back to normal operating charge) and closes the work order.


Because Refrigerant Tracking Manager (RTM) knows that the repaired asset contains refrigerant, it prompts the technician to enter how much refrigerant was added, and date of service.


With the asset’s refrigeration attributes and technician-provided data, RTM automatically performs the EPA leak rate calculation, and if more leaked than allowed, creates a leak record.


With the created leak record, RTM requires the technician to enter all required info (e.g. repair date, method, location, and additional verification that the leak was closed, so the company remains in compliance).