Proposal Manager

Review & Create RFPs for Work Exceeding Your Pre-Defined Cost Level

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How Proposal Manager Works

Choosing the right contractor can make all the difference to how repair and maintenance work is performed and to your bottom line performance. ServiceChannel Proposal Manager helps you enhance service and drive savings through automated request for proposal software. With RFP software facility managers can clearly define requirements and criteria, compare proposals, and communicate results.

ServiceChannel Proposal Manager lets you:

  • Design the Request for Proposal (RFP) – creates a unified format for all responders to adhere to
  • Issue RFPs to one or more contractors – encourages competitive pricing and service
  • Receive submitted RFPs – stores all submissions in one location
  • Compare proposals in one view – saves time and improves decision making
  • Approve/Reject proposals – documents due diligence
  • Communicate results to all participating contractors – supports vendor relationships
Take a Tour of RFP Software

Unlike general RFP software, Proposal Manager is specifically designed for facilities management. Our design anticipates FM needs and requirements, and helps guide you through the RFP development and evaluation process. With Proposal Manager, you can issue your RFPs to several contractors without having to worry about manually sifting through, weighting, and aggregating responses.

With Proposal Manager’s cloud-based functionality, everything is done online – development, responding, and scoring. In addition, Proposal Manager gives you the flexibility to reweigh criteria during the RFP process.

Proposal Manager provides greater transparency and supports your company’s compliance measures by documenting every step of the RFP process. In addition, online capabilities enable multiple evaluators to simultaneously assess and score submissions.

Proposal Manager RFP software allows you to get the best prices and the best service, as well as integrate asset data, pricing and servicing within ServiceChannel’s Service Automation suite.

How It Helps

Make Better Spend Decisions

Easily request proposals from multiple contractors for competitive bidding

Faster Proposal Management

Compare and review proposals; approve and have all contractors notified

Keep Asset Data Current

Have your contractors help you keep your asset data up-to-date

Proposal Manager Features


Customized Proposal Requirements

Ensure your contractors provide the information data you need to make informed decisions


Pricing Validation

Ensure labor rates and material markups match approved service agreements

Asset Manager Integration

Enable contractors to indicate which equipment they repaired, replaced, added, or retired; automatically updates your asset data

“One stop shop! ServiceChannel houses everything in one place that is accessible and easy for everyone to use. ”

Brian Peoples, Director of Facilities, CorePower Yoga