Payment ManagerPayment Manager

Make your payments painless, and spend less time and money while better managing your cash.


With ServiceChannel Payment Manager you can automate payments to providers, work more efficiently, and take advantage of lower rates for work completed. You’ll get a single view of payment status — across facilities, finance, and providers — gain more control over when and how payments are made, and keep your cash flow streaming smoothly.

Eliminate Busywork.

Spend less time checking and relaying payment status by giving providers instant online visibility into where invoices stand. And from review, to approvals, to payment, you can automate every step — for multiple invoices at a time.

Eliminate Busywork
Improve Your Bottom Line

Boost Your Bottom Line.

Gain more benefits from efficiencies by paying invoices early for a discount, and automate payments with corporate cards to take advantage of incentives.

Pay On Your Schedule.

Maximize control by timing each payment and paying providers according to your business needs. Want to strengthen relationships? Accelerate payment. Need to control cash flow? Defer paying. It’s easy, and it’s up to you.

Pay at the Right Time

Payment Manager Features

One-Click Payment

Eliminate inefficient physical checks in the mail, and pay electronically — instantly.

Real-Time, Online Payment Status

From providers to finance, keep everyone in-the-know about payment at all times.

Payment Timing Control

Accelerate or delay individual payments within a batch.

“Know Your Customer” Checks

Ensure that payments are made to verified providers with good legal standing.

Corporate Card Payments

Choose payment by corporate card to manage cash flow and take advantage of incentives.

Early Payment Discounts

Configure payments to take advantage of negotiated discounts for paying earlier.