Work Order Manager

Track, Manage and Automate Work Orders Across All Locations

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Track, Manage & Automate Work Orders

Enable your facilities management team to manage repair and maintenance work across all locations through a single dashboard. ServiceChannel Work Order Manager provides full visibility into every step of the process so your facilities management team and location staff can easily place, track and manage service requests, monitor real-time status updates, and leave feedback for work performed.

Our software automates the entire work order process to save your organization time in creating, fulfilling, and invoicing service requests.

How Work Order Manager Works

ServiceChannel’s work order software improves efficiency throughout the repair and maintenance process. This helps FM teams:

  • Find – select the right contractor for the assignment
  • Manage – get the services you need when you need them
  • Pay – enable efficient, automated payment
  • Analyze – provide data and analytics
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Benefits of Work Order Manager

Lower Costs

Reduce total maintenance spend

Boost Efficiency

Improve operating and administrative efficiencies

Increase Performance

Improve service and contractor performance

Work Order Manager Features

Online and Telephone-Based Service Requests

Place service requests from anywhere; all status and progress info available

Automate Processes

Set up business rules that increase call avoidance, streamline work order submission and automate contractor dispatch

On Site Check-in / Check-out

Validate contractor presence and labor invoicing via real-time updates with GPS and IVR technologies


Contractor-Initiated Work Orders

Allow contractors to generate work orders while onsite for pre-approved types of work

Alert Notification

Receive real-time alerts via email or text

Customized Dashboard

Get branded Location Dashboard with your own look & feel for operating staff to easily enter and review work orders


Metric-Based NTE Controls

Set not-to-exceed cost controls to ensure work order costs stay within budget

Mobile Access

Create work orders and view status remotely via mobile devices

Support During Every Step of the Work Order Life Cycle

Work Order Manager supports facility management teams during every step of the submission, fulfillment, review and invoicing process:

  1. Location user creates work order – our menu-driven format makes it easy to submit work orders. Include images or photos to help contractors evaluate a problem and come prepared.
  2. Service provider accepts work order and dispatches technician(s)
  3. Dispatched technician checks-in via mobile device or IVR, completes work, and checks-out
  4. Location user gives feedback on service
  5. Service provider submits invoice
  6. Facilities management automatically approves invoice for payment based on NTE parameters; invoices that exceed NTE are managed by exception

Work order software is not just for repair requests; it also improves efficiency of planned maintenance activities. With Planned Maintenance Manager, your facility management team inputs the service parameters, including frequency, locations, site or equipment specs, and the assigned commercial contractor, just once. Work orders are then automatically generated according to schedule so all regular maintenance occurs as needed.

“From finding and qualifying contractors to managing labor and supplies all the way through final payment, ServiceChannel is a complete solution — part CMMS and part e-procurement.”

Facilities Sourcing Manager, Global Retailer