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Curo Financial

“The way we were operating as a facilities department and the way we are operating now is completely different. We were completely reactionary before we started using ServiceChannel. Now we are making decisions in advance and being proactive in how we handle our business. We are doing a lot more with a lot less.”

Joel Elsea, Director of Facilities, Curo Financial


Industries We Serve

Every industry has unique facility maintenance challenges. Let us help you set up the right software solution to improve the efficiency of your facilities Repair & Maintenance and gain insight into your spend, all from a single service automation and reporting platform.


Work Orders




External Contractors


$ Processed

In-Language IVR & Dashboards

14+ languages including English • Spanish • French • German • Italian • Turkish • Portuguese • Russian


Currency Conversion

Convert NTE from default currency to contractor’s preferred currency

Local Time Zone Support

Service requests, check-ins / check-outs are timestamped with local time

Global Call Centre

Global Call Centre focuses on bringing the right technology, processes and people together to effectively deliver (24x7x365) support.

ServiceChannel Analytics

The more you measure, the better you manage

ServiceChannel Reports including MyScorecard, Discovery Report, & Program Overview

Get 8 Financial Reports Every Facilities Manager Needs (and Every CFO Loves)

We’re Different

From Spreadsheets

Stop messing with pivot tables. By automating your R&M service delivery process, you’ll get unparalleled visibility into your FM operation. So you can focus more on the big picture.


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From CMMS Software

You can’t get by anymore with clunky CMMS software with limited functionality. ServiceChannel’s Service Automation platform gives you everything you need – all in one place.


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From Outsourcing

While relying on an outsourcing provider or set of brokers can be beneficial in some circumstances, there are some significant disadvantages to these models.


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Clients We Serve

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